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Self awareness

  Self-awareness means just to watch my thoughts, having awareness of what’s happening inside. Most of us are aware of what’s happening outside the world, because it considers important. Look at your thought while walking, ask yourself what am I thinking? When the day did not go well at work, you say that the manager does not recognize your work, it’s your thinking. You are creating that thoughts and sending negative vibrations to him. Your surrounding will be affected at the same time. Every thought we create is like a perfume. That’s why when we are under stress, our children also experience it. -           First stop and ask what are you thinking? -         Second, is this the right thinking? -         Third, can I change it? Thinking is like water; you can’t stop it but you can channelize it. You can change the direction. Many people have the misconception about meditation, they think meditation is stop thinking, no thoughts. The mind can never stop thinking. Its like a car

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