Healthy Body Healthy Life

 Healthy body, healthy life !!!

Health is the most important thing in our life but most of us take it for granted when we are healthy.  We feed our body with unhealthy food.  Many times, we don't give priority to any type of workout.

Most of us have forgotten what our priorities are. We just get busy with so many things which are not important to our life & neglecting the important part of our life, which is health.

We are what we eat. If we are feeding our body with unhealthy food, we can’t expect our good health to last.   We may not see the results of our unhealthy indulgences immediately, but eventually we will see it. We will suffer from different types of disease. Our body needs healthy food & drinks in order to work properly.

In this modern time, where everyone is busy, most of us are consuming frozen, container food or buying fast food, which seems to save time because we don’t have to cook from scratch but on the other side, that’s not so healthy for our body. 

Why do people get obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other more diseases?

The main reason is a combination of unhealthy food, unhealthy drinks, and not doing any type of workout. Most of us start to eat healthy & begin an exercise program when we have some disease and the doctor asks us to do so. At that time, we will make time for everything that the doctor suggests because we are afraid to die.

My question is, why wait? Why can’t we take out some time for our health now? We all have twenty-four hours a day, even a billionaire. Can we dedicate half an hour for our precious health? What will we do with money if we don’t have health?

Most of us want to see the results quickly, such as to quickly lose weight, but my question is, did we gain weight in one day? No, we did not. The belly fat comes from the choices that we made on a daily basis. 

Remember that when you have diabetes or any type of disease, it will not only affect you, it will affect all of your family members. All the other family members will suffer along with you.

So, do your family, and yourself, a big favor - do some type of workout such as walking, running, dancing, aerobics, swimming or yoga, whatever you enjoy the most. You can start with ten minutes daily and do it in the morning. When you do in the morning, there are less chances that you will miss a workout. It takes at least twenty-one days to form a new habit, so at least try to do for 10 minutes for the next 21 days.  Then it will become a habit, like brushing your teeth.

You don’t have to be reminded to brush your teeth, it is your daily part of your routine. Do the same with exercise also. Once it becomes your habit, you can gradually increase the time to 20 or 30 minutes a day. Exercise does not only help you to keep fit but it also helps to reduce your stress level. There is a compound effect, if you do workout 10 minutes a day, which means 300 minutes in a month and that is sufficient to stay fit.

Look at your food, what are you consuming? Are you drinking five cups of coffee daily? How much alcohol are you drinking in a week? Are you eating oily food?  In recent days, I noticed alcohol becoming the main part when it comes to parties. Alcohol not only affects your body, but it also affects your finances and relationships.

You are a role model to your kids. What type of role model do you want to be? There are so many things you can do during parties, so reduce the alcohol intake. 

Take inventory of all your food & drinks, here you can find the main reason for gaining weight, or for developing a lifestyle related disease.

Replace the unhealthy food with the healthy one, replace coffee with the green tea. You can still consume 2 cups of coffee. Replace soda with the normal water, in that way you save money & at the same time you nourish your body too. 

Include more fruits & vegetables in your diet. Eat a light supper and finish at least two hours before going to bed.

All these things are simple & doable. We just need to discipline ourselves and make healthy choices every single day if we want to remain healthy & fit.

My dad had diabetes & high blood pressure, later one side of his body was almost paralyzed.  He was 59 years old. He passed away at the age of 69, but the last four years were too tough for all of us, especially for my dad who was bedridden.   My mum alone had to take care for him because we children were in the capital city pursuing our higher education.


We all have learned a great lesson from that incident when it comes to health. 


You don’t need to wait until a new year to start!  You can start right now to eat healthy food & to workout.   


This is the right time to start. Don’t worry about tomorrow, take care of today every single day and you will be amazed how easy it is to do small actions which have a huge impact on your health. What one action can you take today to remain healthy ?

 Stay fit & stay healthy!



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