We have the power to control our emotions


Nobody can hurt us. No one can make us sad. If we can easily be hurt by other people’s behavior, then we are emotionally dependent on others. We want to be strong and independent, why not with our emotions?

When we post pictures on social media, we start looking at how many likes or comments there are.  If our posts have lots of comments and likes, we are happy.  If there are no comments or likes, we feel sad.  We are reliant on others' feedback, compliments, or comments.

This means we are putting the keys to our happiness in the hands of others.

When you are feeling sad or down, take a pause and consider your thoughts.  Understand what makes you sad. Most of the time our thoughts make us sad and we can change our thoughts.

It's difficult to change other people’s behavior, and impossible to change their thoughts. However, we have the power to change our thoughts because they are ours!  That’s why meditation is so important to calm and center our mind. 

Recharge your batteries in a positive way!

We take out the time to charge our mobile phone so why don’t we take some time to charge the battery which is our mind?  So that we can think with energy and enthusiasm?

Everything we read and hear through the media and people influences the quality of our thoughts.  Avoid reading and watching negative news, especially early in the morning. We need to begin and end the day with meditation and uplifting information.   When we stop complaining, and blaming others, we can find peace in ourselves. Our happiness lies in our thought process. 

To have happy thoughts, feed yourself positive things, like reading self help or inspiring books, listening to good music, focusing on positive things, and watching funny movies and videos that make us laugh. 

Good thoughts make us feel good.

People, events, or circumstances may bring us pain, but they do not have the power to make us suffer. Our thoughts make us suffer long after the person is gone, or the event is over.  It is important to develop the right mindset; we just need to keep reminding ourselves to think like a Thriver, particularly in the beginning.  Practice until it becomes an automatic habit.

When we aren’t reliant on others for our positive perspective, we shift from reactive behaviors to consciously responding from our original qualities of peace, love, and respect. 

Let’s not give the keys to our happiness to others!


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