Why is an attitude of gratitude important ?


Why is an attitude of gratitude important ?

 If there is anything that can change your life instantly, it is gratitude. Start your day with a gratitude journal. Buy a notebook or diary and write a minimum of five things you are grateful for. This is the first thing we all should do as soon as we get up. Many people have a habit of looking at their mobile, checking emails, engaging in FB, or watching news early in the morning. These habits do not bring good vibes throughout the day. As they say, morning shows the day. So, if you become sad when you wake up because of the news or other things, you are likely to have a lousy day because we all get affected by our habits. Your enthusiasm will go down, so do yourself a favor and start your day with a gratitude journal.

            It takes time to develop habits, so at the beginning you might be wondering what to write in your gratitude journal. I had that experience, and that is absolutely okay. When we are doing new things, it will take some time. Try to remember the first few days of your new job or the driving experience as soon as you got your license. How was that feeling? Now, you don’t have to remember the road; the same goes with the gratitude journal too.

 There are so many things we can be grateful for, but most things we take for granted and we only realize their importance once they have been taken away from us. You can be grateful for being healthy, having a family, job, car, house and much more. When you are sick, then you want to get well. Why not be grateful when you are healthy?

 Be genuinely thankful for everything that you have or receive. When you start counting your blessings, you will feel amazing and happy. You will have positive vibes. For example, if someone brings a small gift to you and you don’t appreciate it, that person will never bring a gift for you again.

 Our needs as human beings are increasing and as we start getting the things that we wanted, we start to take them for granted. When we don’t have a car, we desperately want to have a car which will make our life a lot easier. But once we have it, we don’t take care of it and we wish to have another car.

 When we start shifting our focus to gratefulness, then we can feel real happiness.

 At the end of the day before you go to bed, review your day and make a note of all the good things that happened on that day and be thankful for that. For me, I keep paper next to me and as soon as the good thing happens, I make a note so at the end of the day I don’t have to spend a long time writing.

Here is the main thing: when you start your day with a gratitude journal, your day’s gonna be good. And when you review the good things at the end of the day, you are shifting your focus on the good things, which means you will have a good sleep and good dreams. You take control of your day and night with gratitude.

What are you grateful for? Do you count your blessings every day?


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