Become emotionally strong


We are so much depending outside to become happy. We can create our happiness. We set the goals and we say I will be happy when I reach the goals. I start my journey, if it a little delay in my journey, then I will create unhappiness.  But you have conditioned that you become happy once you achieve that goals. You are emotionally weak because you have created hurt during your journey. Your power to face any situation become weak.

When you worry about anything, your state of mind is low. It shows in your body language.

Its not about what happened but how you take care of your state of mind. It’s all about our priorities, that is yourself. If you want to take care of your children or family, first you need to get well. The same equation applies to our mind. When you are happy and take care of them, then your children will be happy. Not the other way around, when the children are happy, then you will be happy.

Happiness is an internal strength. At one time only one thought, positive or negative thought. If it’s a right thought, you feel good but if its not a right thought, then you feel low.

I want my child to get the good marks, but it is not necessary they will get at first attempt. The day he does not get good marks, what will happen to your state of mind? Upset. Is that good for you or child? No. Then when you are creating it? Marks did not make you upset. Once we all are upset, then you want your child to do well. He is demotivated. The energy that I am giving to the people around us, you are not fulfilling your responsibility. First responsibility is to remain stable, do not shout or scream at him, then take care of his mind.

We were depleting our energy, children energy and telling him to study hard. We have conditioned to them, that we will be happy if you get the good marks. It’s a deep pressure to our children.

If you want to be successful in life, the we need to take care of these four majors’ areas-Physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

All the four aspects have to be equally balanced. You have to ask yourself, are you fulfilling your responsibility? Nobody is teaching, how to think?

Life is going to have lots of challenges. We have to take care of emotional part, then only we will be able to help our children. We have ignored the major aspects of our life, which is emotional part, then how can you teach to become emotionally strong?

We are taking care of everything outside, we thought happiness comes from outside. You have to be emotionally strong, if you want your kids to be emotionally strong.


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