Gratitude can change your destiny


There are few problems in everyone’s life, but in everybody’s life 95% of the things are going perfectly well. Our attention should go to 95% not in 5%. When we start focusing on things that are not working well, our vibrations will eventually increase that 5% to 10% and vice versa. As Tony Robbins says, energy flows where attention goes.

Our first thought in the morning should be gratitude, when we thank god in the morning, it is the highest thought, which increases the soul power. Be thankful to your mind and body, which works constantly all the time. Self-criticism will reduce the soul power, so start appreciating to your mind and body.

Be thankful to everyone with whom you interact every day. We need to keep in our mind that everyone is different and accept them as they are. When we start focusing on negative thing, negative energy will flow to them.

We can be grateful for our jobs, work and all the objects that makes our life more comfortable. It is very easy to do but we have not been taught how to be grateful in our life. We have so much power. Each one of us should learn to count our blessings and teach to our kids.

There might be some people who trouble us, we need to be thankful to them because when they come to our life, then our ego reduces and soul power increases. Because of them, we get the power to forgive people.

There is a beautiful line, remain stable in all situations, in criticism and in praise. When some one is praising, they are reflecting their personality, thoughts. Then when someone criticize, they are reflecting their state of mind. We need to understand that they are in pain. We need to listen them and, in both situations, we need to remain calm.

It’s important to have gratitude because it makes us appreciate our lives and focus on our blessings. Otherwise, we focus on what we don’t have and we’re never satisfied. And, that makes us waste precious moments of the life we have. It will not only change your life but you will change the lives of those around you. They will notice how much happier and optimistic you are. Make a habit of writing 3-5 things that you are grateful for in the morning, so it will take care of your day. Before you go to bed, scan your days and be thankful for all the things, that went well. That’s the best diet to your mind, so that you feel better and have a good sleep.


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