I am peace


We listen or watch and inspiring videos so often and we get inspired at that moment, but in real life we don’t implement what we have learned. Because we have not internalized the message that we have learned. We have to experiment in our daily life once we learn new thing. There is a huge difference between what you are studying and what you are implementing. Listening to spiritual learning makes us feel good. As soon as we finished listening, we are old self. We don’t try that new tools that we have learned in real life. We have to put an effort and apply it what we have learned, it won’t happen automatically. Everyone knows that anger is not good, but we still show anger at home.

I want happiness, love, peace. We are asking from outside. Want means someone has to do something, but spirituality teaches us that I am peace. “I am a peaceful being.” Then why you need peace from outside? For e.g. you keep the keys in your pocket and looking for the keys outside your pocket, which is impossible. Its all about remembrance. Remind yourself all the time that you are a peaceful soul. Try a new belief system. Do not depend on other people for your emotion and feelings. When we say this person makes me happy, actually we create the positive thoughts for that person. When someone behave differently and we don’t like it, we feel sad and unhappy. We want them to behave in a good way always. That means we are trying to control their behavior. That is impossible and we are doing it every day. Our state of mind should not depend on others people behavior. For e.g. one your friend invited to few of her friends in her gathering but not you. You have the choice to create the right thought instead of saying why she did not invite me? We have to come out from old belief system, such as they have hurt me, upset me. We hold so many people responsible for this. When we do that, we said its their fault. People could cheat on us but hurt is our creation. So, sit back and choose the right thoughts all the time because you are peace.


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