Taking charge of myself


When someone shouted at you and you shouted more, that's the reaction. My response should be mine not based on others people's behavior. If you keep on changing reference to other people needs, then I won't have my personality. E.g. when you are passing through the corridor, you say hello to next person but he did not response. It could be that person is shy or he is having bad day, etc. You have a good personality, trait, quality. Keep doing because it's your nature. We observe their negativity and give up our quality. Ask yourself, am I courteous? humble? Our behavior is not for other people, it is for ourselves.

How I want to think, behave in every relationship? We want to make everyone happy, which is good and we say when they are happy, I will be happy. When you say that, it means your happiness depends on other's people.

A girl gets married and her family members told her to quit her job which she did but she is unhappy. She realized that their family is still unhappy even she quits her job for them. She chose not to work for them, so she was not happy and sending the negative energy to family. You can't make other people happy by doing anything to them, you have to choose to be happy while doing it. Create a right thought and do it.

When you are watching TV or movie, you are keeping off your mind for some time. When you have a toothache and you watch TV, you will forget the pain but as soon as you switch off the TV, you will find the pain. When you are stress, you feel happy if you go for shopping, actually it’s a temporary deviation. The stress, pain will again come back because it was not resolved or healed. Let’s be aware of our thoughts, TV, alcohol is surpassing our thoughts, it’s not bringing happiness. Let's take the charge of ourselves.


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